Bonded Fillings

Tooth-Colored (or “Natural”) Composite Restorations

In the past, tooth problems like cavities or other trauma only had one viable treatment option: metal or amalgam fillings. Thankfully, advances in the science of dentistry have led to the development of resin compounds that, when bonded to your tooth, provide a durable filling with a much more natural appearance. Composite restorations can typically be applied within a single appointment, and offer a viable alternative to metal fillings in many cases. 

When decay becomes extensive or when composite restorations are unable to be used to create proper tooth contours, our office relies on CEREC porcelain restorations.  Porcelain restorations offer greater strength, aesthetics and long term success when compared to composite ("white fillings") and with our 3D imaging system, can be placed and bonded in one single visit.  Be sure to ask your dentist if CEREC porcelain restorations are right for you.